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Who Am I?


The first several paragraphs are about who I am in regard to the unfortunate genealogy incident. For a brief, 'lighter' version of who I am, scroll down to  "On A Ligher Note".

I am a serious genealogist, interested more so in the history, and those who came before. New cousins are always a pleasure as well and you can always be helpful to each other, but I'm not looking for cousins who are umpteenth times removed, related only by marriage and those kinds of things.  My mother always said, "If you can marry them, then they aren't related."  Now that's not exactly correct, but in her own way she makes a point about distance and not knowing, or really needing to know.  That is the way it was for her growing up. 

I am a three-line Tabler descendant on my maternal side.  The Tablers, originally surnamed Dobler, emigrated from Germany settling in Pennsylvania, then later resided and traveled along the pioneer road from Pennsylvania thru Western Maryland, and into two specific counties in Virginia now West Virginia, eventually my lines branched off into SE Ohio with German American born son George Michael Tabler along with the six grown emancipated slaves that he, himself, freed because of his affection for them.  Among them were five males and one female. He also brought with him one unknown free woman of color. Four of the emancipated males married white woman, the fifth male married an Indian woman.  The story of these people who became my ancestors has been told many times over with similar, yet varing, versions.  We call it a legend.  We have the late Alvin C. Adam's book titled, "The Tablers Of Tablertown", well done, and a great help, but not fully accurate. This Internet article version  titled, "Kilvert", which is aka Tablertown, is also very well done, but in being the realist that I am, the problem I find with these accounts are that the information found on old documents leaves room for speculation that implies too many other possible variations to be able to make a determination of our exact story.  Determining our exact story is something that no one has yet really been able to do, something I would find very hard to do.  So, thus far, we have only a legend that can not be specifically verified with the historical documentation that is found.  

I am not a direct line descendant of those in this photo  in the "Kilvert" article.  Do I say that because I am denying adocs.gif picture by sterry46 darker ancestor? NO, I say it because in genealogy that's the way it works, direct line descend, so I'm sorry to inform Ms. Nelson's defender, but I am not in her fiancé's direct line as she states here.  Would his ancestors and their descendants be relatives or cousins?  YES of course (but maybe no).  Were all of these first emancipated slaves who settled in SE Ohio siblings, did they all have the same parentage or the same type of physical features?  From information found, if one takes the time to look, common sense would give reason to feel that they were not and did not.  Sociologist Orlando Patterson, in his cross-cultural study of slavery, "Slavery and Social Death", describes a slave as a person with no ancestors. Biologically, of course, everyone has ancestors. But the slave has no official family and no family rights or obligations within society. Do I claim all of the Tablers anyway, YES, I do.  They are on my family tree; as many as I can find.  I can guarantee that Ms. Nelson never helped me find anyone on my tree, but she found many on mine, none of which are related to her.

As for Ms. Nelson's defender, Diana, both from the genealogy mishap who claims to know so much about my genealogy, and who says she has been researching for years, it seems odd that back in 2007 Diana didn't know much about her own genealogy.  She made the statement on Myfamily.com that she has a long way to go before she can get it all together. She didn't realize that she had so many relatives.  She thanked other researchers for all their help stating that she would be wandering around lost and thinking who were my cousins and great great grandparents.  I have to wonder how my Tabler relatives are considered to be "ours' by Ms. Nelson's defender, Diana?  We might share some cousins, but is she related to every relative I have? Of course not.  I wonder if it was Ms. Nelson speaking on Myfamily or was it her defender, Diana?  We can never be sure since, alledgedly, Diana allows Ms. Nelson to use her password on the sites that Ms. Nelson has been expelled from. 

At any rate, the Tabler history is not a unique history as American History goes, but it is unique in the individual family history it created.  So, unlike the promotors of the family legend, I do not claim to know with any certainty where all of our ancestors originated; although I have found more of them than most have bothered to look for.  Certainly I would like to know where my ancestors came from and the search will continue, but I can live with the mystery; in fact, I rather like the fact that I have mysterious origins.

My three ancestral, geneological Tabler lineages include surnames Barrett (Ireland), Calvin (Ireland to Virginia to Indiana), Church (? to Virginia), Dailey (Ireland to Vermont to Pennsylvania to Virginia to Indiana), Foughty (Ireland to New York), Gaughan (Ireland), Goins, (Scotland/Ireland to two specific counties in Virginia) , Matteson, McGraw (Ireland), Moss (England to Pennsylvania), North (England to New York), Sweet, Westcott, Whitfield (England to Virginia), Wilkinson (? to Pennsylvania) also Flowers & Shipmann indirectly.  (I have no Flowers, or Shipman genes, only half ancestors and cousins. The Flowers on my tree have not been found to originate from the Old Settlers History as of yet).  Locations: All of these surnames, no matter their race or origin eventually found their way to SE Ohio, Rome Township in Athens County, Ohio.  There they became a melting pot of varying degrees. 

My direct ancestral, genealogical Bočinec/Bobkovic paternal lineage includes surnames Burandá, Beno, Dubrávecz, Gloszovics, Komar, Mikritek, Zakovic & Popovic. Beginning origins:  Eurasia.  Locations: The mountian settlement of Bočinovci & the village of Borova, in former Czechoslovakia now known as Slovakia, or The Slovak Republic in Europe.  Eventually some of these surnames immigrated to Pennsylvania and parts of NE Ohio.

So, yes, some of my ancestors were slaves. Some were slave owners. Some freed their slaves. Some were redheaded, beer drinking, farmers. Some were coal miners. Some were bootleggers. Some choose to come on the boat; they were immigrants. Some were brought on a boat; they were property. I am not proud of any one group or race of these people. I can only be proud of individual people who did something for me to be proud of, but without 'all' of my ancestors and 'all' of their trials, I would not be here. I am a product of every person that has come before me; black, white, yellow and red. Discounting any one of these parts of me disregards 'all' of my ancestors mutual experiences and sacrifices.

This ancestory encompass everything that is American.  I specialize in my fascinating Tabler Family "history" and together with a few other family researchers we have learned so much about our early ancestors, so much that we sometimes feel we know them intimately. They lived during the shaping of our nation.  They are not just names on a tree. They are all our people, our families.                                           

              On A Lighter Note                       

   Who I Am

crop100_1620.jpg picture by sterry46Researcher in the field of Genealogy, Advocate for Multiracial Whiteness. Retired from the Better Business Bureau in my area where I held the position of Dispute Resolution Officer. I recently published my first book of poetry prose, and musings.

I have one son who was an All-Ohioan in track, attended college majoring in music and communications.  He is now working in a field of his choice, while living and learning about life. I also have three paternal half brothers. 

At times I have an adventerous streak. I'm analytical and always skeptical.   I'm creative when the mood strikes me. I love small dogs especially Chinese Pugs, of which I have had two.   Cats are great too, at least my three cats are. We also care for five feral cats as well. I try to be health conscious and stick to an exercise regiment, but sometimes I fall off the wagon, well more than sometimes. I was very shy when growing up, but I find I'm becoming more outspoken as I grow older.  Some who know me now find it hard to believe that I was ever shy. Sometimes speaking my mind gets me into hot water, but most people usually know and understand where I'm coming from.

I keep busy all of the time. My desk or bed is a total mess. I always have some on going project. My interests are varied. I enjoy a wide range of  activities:  Family History/Genealogy.  My genealogy or family history is off and on these days, but will probably be a never ending project as new information surfaces. I 've helped many others with their own genealogy at no charge. I taught myself basic HTML Design while managing the page designs of two now defunct Myfamily.com websites. I also manage two Facebook pages.   

I enjoy Movies, Music, Old Fashioned Pedal Bicycling, Pontooning on the lake, Reading, Interior Design, Computer, Theatre, Travel (Beaches, Chicago, NYC, and I was finally able to travel to Slovakia and Austria to meet my relatives and explore the areas), Writing (I love to use quotes). Ocassionally I write something or blog something worth reading.  Wine Tours/Tastings, Photography, Walking/Hiking, Light Weights, and Yoga  (a forever beginner). I have no expertise in any of these fields or pursuits, but I do enjoy them all at my own level. 

I'm rich in family and friends.  I have plenty of opinions and stand up for what I believe.  I am a realist and truth is very important to me, although I have been involved in situations where truth was not preferred on one side, so I felt and still feel that I must respect that concern to the best of my ability. Sometimes we have to make compromises for our friends.  

To sum it all up, I'm just your basic everyday person with an open mind, many interests and a lot of passion for those interests. Peace and Love.

Reputation is what others think of us;

character is what God and angels know of us. ~ Thomas Paine

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To laugh often and much;
to win the respect of intelligent people,
and the affection of children;
to earn the appreciation of honest critics,
and endure the betrayal of false friends;
to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others;
to leave the world a bit better,
whether by a healthy child, a garden patch,
or a redeemed social condition;
to know even one life has breathed easier
because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

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