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Supporting The Right To Be White, Multiracial White or Multiracial & Against The Improper Public Posting Of Personal Genealogy Information & Family Trees By Others

Questions & My Answers



Comments made, or questions asked to me by Black self-indentifing, mixed race, individuals are listed in bold black.  



All of this because I claim my whiteness, and the whiteness of my ancestors by their physical features and majority genetic make-up.

Something is very wrong with this picture!!

My replies to these individuals are listed in [bold, italizied red.]



☛ “Don't you know that the darker people get upset with your racial and DNA topics because of all the resentment there is due to the fact that the light ones could pass and they couldn't?” [That certainly explains why some get so offended at the mention of 'white'. I'm sorry there is such a problem with the skin color issue, but I did not create the problem.  I don't feel I should pretend to be something I am not [black, colored], something I don't even look like.  Our ancestors who looked white had no choice and knew no bettter.  I don't feel I have to be silent about my choices or opinions. If certian people want to think of me as a bad person, or a trouble maker then so be it.  I know who I am inside and out.  I feel alright with that.]

 “I am proud of my color!” [Do you mean that you are proud of the race you choose to identify with, because your color is white?]

☛ “You make it sound like it’s better to be White.”  [At one time it was better to be White, but that's no longer true unless you believe it to be.  Growing up my life was no picnic and it had nothing to do with my race.  I judge people by the way they treat me, not by the color of their skin.] 

Do Black men repulse you?” [Some men repulse me; they don’t have to be Black.] 

☛ “You make it sound like you think you are better because you are White...I’m White, but you just don’t say that!”  [No, you think it sounds that way, and you obviously agree that I am White, and I guess you’re a little White yourself now aren’t you?  But you think I should feel sorry for those who are darker, as if that is somehow my fault or my responsibility.] 

☛ “What will you do when your mother dies and family comes to her funeral?” [Why would anyone ask a question like this.  Most of our family looks white and the ones who don’t are welcome, they come to our house and we go to theirs.  That doesn’t make me Black.]

☛ “When we refer to the color of our skin it's not Black.” [That’s right, there are many shades of skin, yet you choose to call yourself Black, and I choose to call myself White because I look that way, and that is who I am.  Maybe I should say tan, or better yet a Slovak-Amercian.  Why do you call yourselves Black, or Africian American when your skin isn’t black and you didn't come from Africia to live in this country, but I’m not suppose to say I’m White?  Sounds like a double standard to me.

☛ “It is the white man who has labeled you.”  [I am a White person, always have been.  I don’t label you.  You label yourself by following the “one drop myth”.  Really, you do it to yourself if you stand by this thinking so firmly for yourself and everyone else from those eras no matter how White they look.  Why would you care since you are so proud to be Black even tho your skin is not Black?]

☛ “It's not your family, it is not Black or African Americans that you have to get permission from” [to be white.] [I don’t feel I need permission to be White from anyone.  I was born White, it is who I am.] 

☛“We really don't care in the long run.” [Then why do some of you get so offended by the things I write about history and being white or looking white?  It must bother you, so you must care.]

☛ “It's the White race you must convince [that you are white].”  [I am a part of the White race and I'm sure "whites" don't see me as anything but white even if they know my ancestry.] 

☛ “We didn't give you the labels, the white man did that.” [Actually you are trying to continue to label my ancestors and continue the “one drop myth”, so you contribute to the same labeling that you are critizing Whites for now.  Am I suppose to feel guilty for things that I had nothing to do with, isn't that what it's all about?] 

☛ “It's the White world that has shun you and made you fight for your identity.” [I have never been shunned by Whites.  I'm sorry for those who have, but again this has nothing to do with now, or with me.  My identity has remained the same all of my life; “White”. My life has had other misfortunes that no one with your type of thinking seems to care about.

☛ “They made the "one drop rule.”  [I suppose you mean the Whites again.  The “one drop” rule has been outlawed, but you hold onto it.

☛ “I know of no one that has truly black skin.” [I do.]

☛ “In my time it was "high yellow”, “dark skinned” “light skinned”. [Oh my goodness.  Need I say anything at all here?]

☛ “You talk like a White person.  Like you are looking down on Blacks.” [Yes, that’s right I do talk like a White person.  I am a White person, a mixed White like a lot of Whites.  You sound like Jesse Jackson, good Lord.] 

☛ “Your grandmother is not white; she’s Black!” [This cracks me up. She’s as white as any white woman can be. I don't have to go by the labeling of other people.  I do my own labeling.  Anyone can tell by the way she looked and you saw her photo...it must be that "color blind" thing.] 

☛ “Why do Whites perm their hair to look like us?”  [Why do Blacks straighten their hair, or wear wigs to look like Whites?]

☛ “Why do Whites tan to look like us? [I do it for that healthy glow.  Why do some Blacks use skin lightening cream to lighten their skin?]

☛ “You don’t know what it’s like to be Black.”  [That is absolutely correct, and you don’t know what it’s like to be me, or anyone else who has had misfortunes, or bad experinces in their lives.  There are so many horrific and horrendous things in this world, and there always have been, no matter your race, color or creed.]

☛ “She [refering to me looks like a real white girl.”[Well, someone close to me said this, and the person really doesn't understand.  It's an innocent comment, but yet pretty accurate in it's own way.]


 I know Eleanor was White, but she had a point... 

"No one, can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt