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"Passing" For Who You Really Are by Ms. A.D. Powell

I have in the past, been accused of trying to convince people to change their, as you will read here☞ nationallity, I think my accuser meant nationality, or race.  Because of this, I decided that I may as well live up to the accusation in a big way.  
 I'm a great fan of A.D. Powell and her writings, so of course, I am very honored to have my "Speaking My Mind" website link added, by A.D. Powell herself, to her Amazon page.  Ms. Powell is a former columnist for the websites, "Interracial Voice" and "The Multiracial Activist," she is the author of  "Passing" for Who You Really Are: Essays in Support of Multiracial Whiteness.  Thank you Ms. Powell !
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A.D. Powell stands up for the racial self-identification of your choice, even it that means self-identifying as white, YES WHITE! The right to identify by the way you look without using contradictory oxymorons such as "light skinned black", as some still tend to do, such as this self-professed light-skinned person.   bookaday.jpg image by sterry46

Everyone has the right to freedom of choice.  Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, and opinion, hopefully in, at least, an intelligent way.  I know others who would agree with that, don't you?  So, crack a book, try this book, or research on the Internet.  Read up on history, science, DNA and you will find that there is, and probably never was a "pure" white race.  It's very uncommon to find a "pure" race anywhere in this world.   Most educated people with any common sense, who identify as "white people", aren't saying that they are a "pure" white person from a "pure" white race.  Anyone should have the right to be what they look like.  It's simple, yet some others from mixed-race ancestry still try to keep their whites in their loop, they want you to play their game, or play into  their sympathy or predjudice. Even the ones that aren't related to you.  They can't stand to hear about your whiteness or your white ancestors, or even their own.  It's exactly these types of mixed-race, (colored) black-identified people who are usually the most fanatical in support of the "one drop" myth.  Ms. Powell does a wonderful job of telling us why.  Some would find Ms. Powell's accounts and comparisons harsh, but I believe that in telling the truth we sometimes have to be harsh. 

This is a great read, a book everyone should indulge in, if they can take the heat.  Wake-up, this is a new era and has been for quite some time.  Ms. Powell lays it out pretty well !  

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 A.D. Powell, the author of "Passing For Who You Really Are" has been declared an “unsung heroine” of American history in a Proclamation by the governor of Arkansas, dated August 24, 2005!

No spokesperson of the movement to abolish government sponsorship of the "race" notion has been more eloquent than A.D. Powell. And none has been more harshly criticized. It is not that she is in error or that she does not describe reality. To the contrary, she writes with crystalline precision and merciless accuracy. But she writes of "Things Best Left Unsaid in America".

She aims her barbs at Americans of all complexions who insist upon the one-drop rule. She is the nemesis of those who advocate the uniquely American notion that there is no such thing as a White person with African ancestry—that such a person is, at best, a “light-skinned Black.” Powell believes that the one-drop rule ignores science, crushes tolerance, and mocks the American Dream. And yet it is advocated by liberals, and its enforcement is demanded by most Black leaders. She argues that coercing someone ’s ethnic choice is tyranny. — The Publisher

This collection of essays on multiracialism originally appeared in Interracial Voice the online magazine.  

Sadly, were it not for Ms. Powell and those like her, millions of well-meaning Americans would believe that, when it comes to "racial  identity", it is better to lie than to tell the truth.  That it is better to be a slave to manipulation than to be free.  And that it is better to be ignorant than to know. — Frank W. Sweet, author of Legal History of the Color Line: The Rise And Triumph of the One-drop Rule

She reminds you of H.L. Menken, driving intellectual midgets into frenzies of outrage, a spectacle that entertains her fans. — Frank W. Sweet, historian and author of Legal History of the Color Line: The Rise And Triumph of the One-drop Rule 

I found this book to be a fascinating treatise on race and ethnicity, or more accurately our perceptions on race and ethnicity. A.D. Powell takes a stand that, in essence, argues for each human being's innate right to identify with the ethnic culture and heritage, or heritages, that he or she chooses. While this may ruffle the feathers of some, it is a common sense approach to the outdated and oftentimes harmful American tradition of assigning all people to strict racial categories (that may or may not coincide with their own view of themselves). As Wayne Winkler points out, whether you agree with her or not, A.D. Powell's Passing for Who You Really Are will make you think long and hard about our long held disjointed notions of race. — Brent Kennedy, author of The Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People : An Untold Story of Ethnic Cleansing in America. 

A. D. Powell’s book of essays on the odious “one drop rule” is one of those rare works that will make you examine America’s—and your own—assumptions and attitudes about race. Whether you agree with these thoughtful pieces or not, they will make you think about some things you may have never considered before. Passing For Who You Really Are presents ideas that will stay in your mind for a long time to come. — Wayne Winkler, author of Walking Toward the Sunset: The Melungeons of Appalachia.

Should be required reading for “blacks,” academicians, “white” liberals and especially Latinos. — William Javier Nelson, sociologist and author of The Racial Definition Handbook.

I am glad someone is [publishing A.D. Powell], because there is so much crap being published by the university presses about the multiracial issue! — Francis Wardle, executive director of the Center for the Study of Biracial Children and author of the textbook Introduction to Early Childhood Education: A Multidimensional Approach to Child-Centered Care and Learning.

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