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"Introduction To Our Unfortunate Genealogy Sharing Experience With
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Before I begin the account of my unfortunate genealogy sharing experience and that of many others.  I would like to make clear that I am NOT a Myers or a Lett, etc.  If you'd like to know more about who I   am you  can find out here. 

A family tree is a connecting list, in the order of succession, of ancestors and their descendants, it is composed of a person's genealogy meaning gene related to the best of one's knowledge.  The tribalpage created is not a family tree, but it "was" all about the inappropriate use of family trees.  I started my rebuttal statement on a tribalpage to make a point, yes, but also for lack of a better place to begin until I researched website building and decided to re-locate and expand the rebuttal statement here.  The Rebuttal is regarding the webmaster of: Myers, Lett, related families of SE Ohio and Remus, MI; Slater side (Katterman, Cotterman, Ralston)

If this person is legitimately related to you, please go on to read further here.

This site will often times be revised as new information or topics become available, so those interested may want to check back often.

This is my honest account of  what  some   unrelated, unethical  people  will do  with  your  private family information if you're not careful. Some may take this account as harsh, but whatever anyone might think, I am passionate about my family history and love sharing it with my true cousins, no matter their racial identity, or the shades of their skin. 

This is in regard to the copying of others information from private Myfamily.com websites to a public Tribalpage and also uploading the information to Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com.  I believe it is an important issue not to be ignored or buried. I believe in awareness for all the people from Myfamily.com or anywhere, so that they can decide whether it matters to them or not.  I do not feel that sharing this experience is wrong. I am being open and truly believe that this person is unethical, or at the least naive as to the way in which to share information and connect family trees. I have been attacked by this woman several times, all in trying to resolve this issue with her privately.  This person will not work with any of us who do not agree with her, other than ranting, name calling e-mails, of which no one would want to reply to.  This brings to mind instability of thought.  About as fair as I can be at this point is to say, that I'm sure this person has good qualities as well, but when it comes to this incident those qualities are lacking. 

I hope that the infomation I supply might help others who may stumble across this, and most importantly for me, to have a voice, to express my disillusion and disappointment. This is about the taking of "my personal tree" that included hundreds of names from all of the Tabler family branches, along with many other person's family trees or information, from a private family site and publicly using it against our wishes, or without our full understanding. Even tho nothing can be done about this now, I will be
speaking my mind regarding this incident as well as a few other things that come to mind.

I will be telling the unfortunate underside regarding the family trees found on this person's tribalpages whereas she is presenting her sugar-coated side offering only copied information that is often incorrect or mixed up. When you don't know the people or the family, it's easy to do. All of these family surnames have their own beginning stories that have nothing to do with the Lett Family Story. Her site gives the impression that each and every surname is related to each other and to her.  This is not accurate by any means. There are still living persons viewable on her site, including those very closely related to myself and others.  Again, she doesn't know these people, so this should speak volumes as to her careless and irresponsible posting of names.  She knows how this misunderstanding all happened as well as I do. She knows whose trees that most of her information came from. Changing the references from my name to someone else, or looking up records to use as reference in place of those of us who did the initial work doesn't change the fact that she took most of the names on her tree from myself and others without full permission and in many instances no permission at all.

If anyone has comments or replies, please keep them as civil as possible. This site, or any other sites that contain the link to this page where people are conducting mature, intelligent conversations regarding this incident and with no specific names mentioned, whether in understanding or disagreement, is not meant to be used as a childish, battle ground. Unfortunately instead of dealing with any of this herself, this person has tried to turn those avenues into just that, by inserting her combative type supporters into the mix, trying to make this all about race and book writing. So, you will find that we have the unauthorized use of many whole family trees and information, bullying, putting information out in the public that could hurt others, passing around e-mails to make people look bad, blackmailing, taking away a person's right of choice, playing on racial conflicts, name calling, and possibly even impersonating other people on message boards. 

Just some advice for those who belong to private family genealogy websites, or those just starting their own websites, private or public. If private, no matter what family site you use, always make sure to know and trust the people you invite to your sites. If you plan on posting public be aware of the risks you take.  I hope anyone who reads this will learn from the mistakes made by the person who invited this tribalpages name collector, cousin connector to the private sites we belonged to without knowing her well, by myself for being so naively trusting and assuming that all people would respect the privacy rights and choices of others, and by those who continue to let this person get away with copying everyone's information. I learned the hard way that putting your gedcom where it can be downloaded, or copied by others is not a good idea, because unfortunately not all people are honorable. Also I hope anyone thinking of using others information will stop and think about how they would feel if it were something truly important to them.

If you are a Myfamily.com member, or anyone interested enough to follow thru to this point and would like to read more of an in-depth account regarding all of those involved (most names protected), the four page, full account of  
our personal experience with a 'genealogy copier' can be found here.   

Thank you to those who have already taken the time to read. Feel free to subscribe to the site and/or to leave a comment. Although it can be, this site is not necessarily an interactive site and is not updated on a regular basis. It is a work in progress built around the telling of an unfortunate incident that happened many years ago, The incident is not something to just delete, so it remains. Someone might benefit from it in some way.

"I wonder what kind of world is it where anyone can sing anyone else's song."
    ~ Frank McCourt, 1996

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A positive outcome from this unpleasant situation is that for almost two years now myself and many other cousins from all over the United States, all walks of life, and all races or cultures, are currently enjoying a private family genealogy website where we are learning a lot about our Tabler history and our Tabler families. We are having a great time.  I would have never thought of it myself, so the idea for another Tabler Genealogy website actually came from a cousin whom I would have hoped could have been a part of the ongoing adventure of the Tablers and their families.  Unfortunatley due to the unfortunate genealogy sharing incident, sensitivity to various topics, and misconceptions, it wasn't possible. Nevertheless thanks and well wishes do go out to her.