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Thumbs Down To 'CION' Insulting To Tabler History & Descendants...but if the shoe fits they'll have to wear it... 



I give it a big thumbs down !    

Cion: A Novel 

by Zakes Mda - 2007

Read "my" full Amazon Review here.     

 This Amazon book review from an unrelated person in the area says it kindly:

..."authenticity and accuracy of Mda's observations of the colorful people and places in Appalachian Ohio. They are beautifully rendered and evocative of a past that no longer exists except in memory and hopeful for a future not yet realized."...

This Washington Post Review says it like it is:

"One of the most prolific black writers of post-apartheid South Africa, Zakes Mda, has now cast his roaming, wry (wry means marked by or displaying contemptuous  mockery of the motives or virtues of others: cynic, cynical, ironic, ironical, sardonicand satirical (satirical means contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit: derisive, jeering, mocking, sarcastic, satiric, scoffing, sneering) eye upon the United States, in particular the rural southeastern Ohio community outside of Athens, Ohio (where, incidentally, Mda teaches at Ohio University). Readers of his first novel, 'Ways of Dying,' will immediately recognize Toloki, the narrator of 'Cion,' a professional mourner...  

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