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Supporting The Right To Be White, Multiracial White or Multiracial & Against The Improper Public Posting Of Personal Genealogy Information & Family Trees By Others


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Reply Harolderedy
11:19 AM on September 16, 2020 
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Reply Samantha
10:34 AM on August 2, 2012 

If you're into genealogy, genetics and race, you've got to check out this site:


It's popular among many high-IQ genealogists.

Reply Chereet Daddeak
6:59 AM on May 16, 2012 
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Reply AllPeople (AP) Gifts
10:23 PM on November 27, 2011 

The following link contains information on the racist, reeking, 
odious, ODR ('One-Drop Rule') -- which, thank goodness,
has finally been legally "cleared from the air" of the USA:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4162 ;


Reply AllPeople
2:40 AM on November 20, 2011 


Listed below are links to data on the Historical MYTH
of a Color-Based / Slave-Role HIERARCHY — as well
as the Urban LEGEND of Paper-Bag, Blue-Vein and
Other Allegations of Features-Based Entry ‘TESTS’
(in regards to the antebellum-era, continental U.S.):


http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4154 ;

Here is a brief COMMENTARY on … the constant
misapplication (to the people who are of
part-Black / Mixed-Race Lineage)
of the racist ‘One-Drop Rule’**:

[** NOTE: The racist ‘one-drop’ “rule” was made ‘illegal’
in the U.S. in 1967 by the U.S. Supreme Court via the
‘Loving vs. VA’ case – where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled ...
--- 1) All ‘Anti-Miscegenation’ Laws found throughout the U.S.;
--- 2) The racist ‘VA Racial Integrity Act’ (upon which most
of the anti-miscegenation ‘laws’ were founded); and
--- 3) The ('black-lineage mocking' and exceedingly) racist
‘One-Drop Rule’ (upon which the ‘Act’ was based.)
… as being ‘UN-Constitutional’ (i.e. illegal, banned, etc.).]

.... THE FACTS are as follows:


1) It is often a surprise for people to learn that, in reality, there
is actually No Such Thing As a "Light Skinned Black" person.


2) Very few people seem to be aware of the fact that the term
"Light Skinned Black" is really nothing more than a racist
oxymoron created by Racial Supremacists in an effort to
forcibly deny those Mixed-Race individuals, who are of
a Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed)
lineage, the right to fully embrace and to also received
public support in choosing to acknowledge the truth
regarding their full ancestral heritage and lineage.


3) The people who have been slapped with the false label and
oxymoronic misnomer of "Light Skinned Black" person are simply
Mixed-Race individuals -- who are from families that have been
CONTINUALLY Mixed-Race THROUGHOUT multiple generations.


4) Seeing that every other Mixed-Race group is allowed the dignity
of receiving support in having itself referred to by the term that
it most prefers – the question becomes “Why should the
situation be any different for those Mixed-Race
individuals who are of an Multi-Generational
Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed) lineage?”.


5) If an MGM-Mixed individual would like to be referred to by the
term ‘Mixed-Race’ (which is what they actually are) rather than by
that of “Light-Skinned Black“ (a term, which, once again, has the
racist-origin of being nothing more than an oxymoronic-phrase that
was both created and coined by Racial Supremacists in an effort to
try to deny these Mixed-Race people their right to and support in
publicly acknowledging and also embracing their FULL-Lineage)
there is no reason that they (like every other group on the planet
-- whether Mixed-Race or not) should not be allowed the right
to choose the term that society uses in referring to them
(and to have their full-lineage acknowledged within that term).


















-- AllPeople (AP) G.i.f.t.s.
[email protected]
Founder and Moderator of the following
online Lineage-Discussion Communities

Reply Ebony Kalada
11:48 PM on January 22, 2010 

You have done a lot of great work here and on our family site. I for one thank you I really dont know anything about genealogy. I'm very interested in our family history. And I think it's horrible for someone to claim the work of others as their own especially when they get it wrong in the first place. And for what reason would a person straight out lie? Just to publish a book? If she was interested in our family and writing a book about us why not just be honest? I'm not sure if that is her actual intention but if it is thats a tad weird! This person obviously has no idea of what she is talking about. Considering she has my grandparents lines backwards. And many other lines incorrect. It really annoys me because I just have been googling trying to figure out my tree. Now that I know this kind of thing is going on I will have to go back and research my sources all over again. Next time I will only use actual family members I know. Again thanks for all you have done and continue to do.

Reply Amanda
8:50 AM on October 9, 2009 


I just can't begin to tell you what a great website you have. I'm Italian American (Sicilian, Calabrian, Neapolitan) and Dutch. I'm happy about being a non-racist non-hateful white woman as well.

All my best,


Reply Daytymer
5:11 PM on June 29, 2009 

I recently came to this site through a friend. I have read most of the articles and it seems to me that the arguments, rebuttals, responses, whatever you care to call them are well thought out and very well written. I can see nothing here that would warrant the 'attacks' that have been aimed at the author of this web site. It appears to me that the attacking parties are trying very hard to make it seem that she/they are the victims here, not the members of the my families sites where the original private info was posted. Personal attacks are never pretty and quite often occur when the attacking party has done something that they need to justify even when they know there is no justification.


I believe the owner of this site will be vindicated simply by rebutting all parties involved in her civil and well thought out manner used on this site.

Reply marco
7:42 AM on June 18, 2009 

This site is very unique, different than those nasty blogs one often runs across, very personally done with precise wording and true heart. I am enjoying the reading links as well.


I believe racialism will be around for a long time no matter how much the nation is changing and inter-marrying. Racialism is too imbedded in our societies, and although many think it is only in America, this is incorrect. Various forms of racialism are present in other countries across the world as well. I feel that a person has the right to claim whatever race or races they are comfortable with, although it is a throw off when someone chooses to be a color of which their appearance does not validate. Other than tradition or personal living experiences, one would have to wonder why some would continue choosing something other than what their appearance indicates...I think in some cases it is done to go along with what those around them want or need, or to shock others for attention. I myself truly believe that would not take that route no matter what culture I grew up in.

My comment regarding the genealogy experience, is simply to say, what was done, no matter the reasoning this person has, does not make it the right way to share genealogy. Something isn't right there. I think you are all dealing with a person, or people who have a few screws loose, for lack of any politer way to say it. A person doesn't not have to be related to this, or to have experienced to see that it is improper no matter how her information was obtained.