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Multiracial Whiteness

Posted by loud&clear on March 13, 2011 at 9:55 PM

A blog prompted by the comment below from a mixed person, who self-identifies as black, on the article that is referred to further in this piece:

Mixed person's comment: Here's the issue, whites have never acccepted those who are different from what they are. This is the reason why it is easier to assimilate to open arms than a closed fist. This concept of multicultural whiteness blows my mind!!!!!!!!

My reply: I'm sure there is someone who could explain this much better than myself, but I think the thing to understand about multiracial whiteness, at least from my prospective, is that it applies to those with remote African or mixed ancestry. They have, in other words, 'one drop', if any, so they are very much European (white). They might have a drop of Ameican Indian, Asian, or African, but they are ex: 75-95% European. Their parents, grandparents were white on both sides. It does not apply so much to biracial individuals unless, of course, a biracial person would want it to. This comes from history and the elder peoples who, grew up in the era of and, still believe in the 'ODR'. They pass it down thru the generations accusing those who are physically and genetically white of only 'passing' as white, when they are factually only claiming to be who they really are. I have distant and close cousins of many shades, some lily white, passing as black, which is just saying, "I'm black even tho I look white". No one ever believes them. They do this because of tradition, or remote mixed ancestry. Some of them, even the white in appearance, do not have open arms if you openly claim your whiteness. You must be colored aka black to be fully accepted. So you see there are some cultures in our country who are reverse of the younger generations multiracial/biracial movement (which I support). I have never had my fists closed to any of my relatives, no matter their shade, now they, on the other hand, sometimes have their fists closed to my white. I don't think people understand multiracial whiteness. It's a concept that arises because of the past and the still present interracial conflicts over skin color. I think this may be where the mother's uncertainty in this article,
Dont be black on my account is coming from. I think we all generalize too much when we accuse 'whites', or 'blacks' of something. Every person is an individual with their own experiences, thoughts and beliefs. It is my hope that more biracial individuals would understand and support multiracial whiteness for all of the whites out there with some remote mixed ancestry.

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Reply AllPeople
1:36 AM on November 28, 2011 

It's so refreshing to encounter a person who is BOTH
of a Mixed-Race Lineage AND who will NOT allow
society to define their personal 'racial identity' ! =)
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