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Mom's Festive Recipe For Sauerkraut & Pork & Then Some!

Posted by loud&clear on February 10, 2011 at 7:38 PM

Seriously, this is good!!! It's not just a recipe. 


Mom's Festive Recipe For Sauerkraut & Pork:


Quantitiy by amount of people being served. Measure to taste

- Bagged sauerkraut

- A good cut of pork

- Brown Sugar

- Salt & pepper to taste

- A can(s) of your favorite beer

- Apple chunks


*Optional: This year on New Year's Eve I had to revise the recipe by adding a little extra something. Let me explain because this is a doozy!


Ok, I had the ingredients all together in Mom's roaster pan ready to stick it all in the oven to slow cook. I sat the roaster on the stove top burner to remove one oven rack that was in the way; wouldn't you know, lo and behold the whole roaster pan with all of these wonderful ingredients slid off the burner and came crashing down on the oven door that was hanging open. Much of the special concoction landed on the floor and all over my clothes. My socks were saturated. Some of the kraut made it as far as the dinning room.


Well, I managed to salvage as much of the pork, kraut and liquids, from the oven door, that I possibly could. I used paper towels to sop up the liquid and ring it back out into the roaster ... no I didn't re-use any liquid from the kitchen floor, but I had to add a tad more liquid since so much was lost, so I used some leftover Riesling wine that I had in the frig, put it all back together, cooked it at 275 degrees for several hours and WALLAH! It turned out to be the best sauerkraut and pork we ever had; as good as Mom's and better.


So ... together with Mom's recipe and my mishap we have come up with the best sauerkraut and pork recipe ever! If you would like to try it, I suggest adding the listed ingredients along with a little wine, but without spilling and splattering it throughout your house first. Although, the oven door and the paper towels may have helped make it what it was ... tasty to the palate. I'll find out next time. My only concern now is that, I hope, this isn't a sign as to what my New Year is going to be like ... One Big Mess!


Happy New Year 2011 Everyone!!!


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