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Race Exhibit

Posted by loud&clear on February 10, 2011 at 7:35 PM

RACE: Are We So Different?

The Exhibit

Learn more at:



We went to see this exhibit a few years ago. It was very interesting.


At the "understanding race" link above you can take quizzes and watch videos. There is one video titled, "A Girl Like Me", it's sad, but I have a problem with it because it stems more so from very inaccurate teaching & thinking that causes this problem to "still" exist. I've written a little spiel below. If interested, read, if not pass it by. Do check out the site and the various links and enjoy them in your own way.


Eleanor Roosevelt said,

"No one, can make you feel inferior without your consent."


The negative I saw about this exhibit was that young African Americans who are more accurately, Black Americans, feel they have been stripped of their culture. Well, I'm a Slovak on both of my paternal sides and my Tabler sides have many European cultures, in fact more European cultures and Indian cultures than African. I do not call myself a Slovak American. I'm not from Slovakia, but that culture makes up a part of my being. My grandmother is gone now and with her went most of the traditions of her culture that she brought with her. Time changes things. That's the way life and heritage is most of the time. I live in American, not Slovakia. I'm not upset by any of the mistreatment my Slovaks endured long ago from those who mistreated them then ! I'm not not extremely upset, or holding a grudge about the slaves that I descend from who were mistreated here in America. Of course it was wrong, it was sad, but I didn't even know them; what they looked like, or what kind of lives they had. In many cases they could have lived better lives than what we would imagine. I can only appreciate any hardships that all of my ancestors may have endured. Either way it's too long ago to hold onto. It's just a shame about the skin color issue that exists from those early times. It seems to exist moreso within the black, or mixed culture itself, but as with anything we all have to find the strength to overcome whatever our life challenges may be. The more Black Amerians, especially younger generations continue to go on about their skin color, being stripped of their culture and all the so called "white privelege", the less I can feel empathy for them. I don't buy into the "white guilt" trip that they are teaching our kids nowadays.


There was/is so much mistreatment, and discrimination in the world based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical/mental challenges, severely dysfunctional families and/or less specific charges such as bullying, name calling, malicious gossiping, etc...why do Blacks want/need the focus for themselves only. They have every opportunity and then some. Reverse discrimmination, if it makes them feel better, it just keeps the pot stirred in my opinion. The sympathy card must really work for them. What a racket !!


All countries have had and still have these types of problems. American is the most accomodating country of all; trying to bend over backwards to make up for the past that no longer applies in the present, trying to appease any and all cultures, no matter how they came to this country. Too much appeasing in my opinion. We have our new "Black" President now, will this help? Has it? NO.

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