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Supporting The Right To Be White, Multiracial White or Multiracial & Against The Improper Public Posting Of Personal Genealogy Information & Family Trees By Others

Was this really necessary? I think not...


This nighmare of invasion began around 2007. After two years of trying to deal with Ms. Nelson privately in e-mails, her friend Diane, who is not related to me anymore than Barb is, left a bullying, meddling message for me on Myfamily.com, of which a copy can be found further below. 

This person is ignorant in her statement directed to me, regarding "Information obtainted through other family members long before you even existed"...the fact is that, I, at that time had done much new research regarding my own family history that no one had ever done, or had ever made known.  Also, the fact is that Ms. Nelson did copy my whole extensive family tree.  She often mixed  up the names, so I'd say that is due to Ms. Nelson's confusion, and also any other's information she may have added, who didn't do their own research, or do it well.

I continue to grow in new knowledge of my family history, and I am enjoying sharing it with true family descendants.  

This ugly message was removed from the Myfamily.com site by an admin and sent to both myself and Diane.  This is only a excerpt of the e-mail containing the message. The admins e-mail address has been x'd out for her privacy.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxxxxxxxx.com
To: xxxxxx@xxx.xx.com
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 5:54 AM
Subject: Fwd: Walker Site


Because of the controversial nature, I've deleted the following post by you on the Walker site which you may repost if you like.

"To the person who claims she is white and is ordering family lines removed from other data bases. You are not the only one that has access to these families information and you have no say so over information given outside of my family. Information obtainted through other family members long before you even existed. So who are you to tell someone to delete this information." 

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