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"My Unfortunate Genealogy Sharing Experience With

A Tribalpages Administrator & Myfamily.com"  

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Ms. Nelson the administrator of the tribalpages website titled,
Myers, Lett, related families of SE Ohio
and Remus, MI; Slater side (Katterman, Cotterman, Ralston)


Ms. Nelson

"A Genealogists Nightmare" 


Poor Genealogy Etiquette is really putting it mildly.  It's more like an obessession with other people's genealogy.  As you will see, this person has a lovely statement on her homepage, but for many of us it is a misstatement. She also, at times, has nasty messages left for those she refers to as trouble makers, or people who are harassing her. It just depend on whether or not someone has asked her to remove some of their information. If there is a current copyright statement on her homepage it is directed to those of us, who do not agree with her unethical methods.  Forget copyright laws, they can be twisted and turned in the favor of either side.  The fact is that this person takes other people's information from private places were she should have never been in the first place, information they have worked very hard to research and share with their own family, then copies it and, changes the true references of those she took it from.  If they don't approve she basically tells them in nasty e-mails that she doesn't care what they think, she'll do as she pleases. In my opinion this falls into the category of bullying to put it mildly.  A person like this doesn't have enough integrity or reality to tell the truth. 

Ms. Nelson and her friend, Diane Hill-Mayle, both unrelated to me, will pass around e-mails and post comments trying to make my rebuttal statement all about race, denying or hiding heritage,
not claiming darker relatives, not wanting to share freely,
book writing to make a profit and heaven knows what else.  They have even thrown my elderly and ill mother into their attacks, which is really "LOW".  The majority of these people from Myfamily.com whose trees are listed on Ms. Nelson's tribalpage did not knowingly choose to be listed there or on Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com .  Their family names are there because of this person's misconception that she can take anyone's family tree and post it publicly anywhere she chooses. That's the MAIN POINT here.  Basically she takes names from anywhere she can find them. 

The late
Alvin C. Adams, a friend and cousin, of whom I have great respect and admiration for, is the person who first tweaked my interest in wanting to know more about my family history. He and several other lovely ladies helped me as well. I don't want to mention too many names on the Internet, but they should know who they are.  With Mr. Adam's admitted possible errors, incorrect information on my direct family lines, and other unanswered questions, I decided to do my own family research, which also branches out into all the Tablers lines.  I have also researched the history of those times and areas in which Tablers came from.  So, my genealogy is compiled mainly from my own research which, at times, gives reason for various possibilities other than the stories or legend others have harvested over the years.  I have been doing research for well over 10 years now.  I refer to my research that is over and above any pictures or documents that others from the family have given to me.  Research I was gladly sharing freely on a private Myfamily.com website that carried my maternal surname, also pictures, that if they did not belong to me, I was given permission to use on a private site.  I enjoyed helping those who descend of the Tabler surname learn of their ancestry and shared everything from positive to negative, even if it was murky or gossipy; it was all the more interesting. Although some felt my genealogy etiquette was poor in that area.  I felt I was sharing amongst family until the site grew larger with other non Tabler descendants being invited.  Our family history is what it is, unless you want to sugar-coat things and make up pretty stories, which isn't the way I do things. Unfortunately my work and that of many others has now ended up on an unrelated, unstable person's tribalpages website. I use the term unstable because of the way she so viciously and rantingly reacts to normal requests of removal, or cannot comprehend why anyone would be upset with her for what she did.  She won't at the least admit to misunderstandings and then do the right thing.  No one else I have ever dealt with in genealogy regarding my own family tree has ever been uncooperative like this person is.  Nevertheless, I still believe in freely sharing my family history, but I would like to do it in my own way, which is everyone's right. Unfortunately that right had been taken away...but for the best, moving on to something much better and much more satisfying.  Genealogy use to be fun, but now I see it as a more serious and private endeaver. Page 2 >>