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Myfamily.com Threads Regarding Copying Of Information

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Only accessible to Myfamily.com members of the named sites.


Post on tribal page site regarding my personal family (Mayle site)

Tribal Pages Website  (Mayle site) 


Myers-Lett  (Mayle site) 

Tribal pages  (Norris Kennedy site)

 ***The Walker site has been converted over to the new 2.0 version. If the posts below regarding this matter were kept they will still be accessible by using the same password used to access the old 1.0 site and typing in the titles in the 2.0 search***



URGENT!! As an Administrator  (Walker site)

Reminder - While we want  (Walker site)

Barb Nelson - Welcome back  (Walker site)
  ***This is the post I recently replied to on the Walker site, but it was soon deleted***  

My copy of the deleted post is below in red.  The only changes I have made is to x out the
admin's and myself's names for privacy.  I've learned a lot from Ms. Nelson about keeping copies !

Keep in mind that from what I know of the admin of the Walker site, xxxxxxx, she is a very kind-hearted and easily swayed person, especially if you give her a sad story, or play the race game.  Last we had spoken she said she doesn't even know Barb Nelson, and is not a cousin to her as far as she knew,  but Barb refers to the admin, xxxxxxx, as a cousin:


xxxxxxx xxxxxx - Dec 3, 2008   View | Viewers

    Barb Nelson - Welcome back.   Barb has removed all living relatives (to the best
of her knowledge and belief) from her site.   You must now have her personally give you a password to get into her site.   Our dialogue from this site will not be published or used.   Barb has so much information regarding our descendents.   If you see problems or errors with anything on her site; please contact her directly.   xxx

Barb Nelson - Dec 3, 2008   Viewers |

Thanks cuz,
  it was so nice talking to you the other morning. I'm so glad you called. The family tree is open to all but the names of any living people are blocked unless I give out the password. You only need the password to see the living people. I hope this makes people more comfortable. All reference to the myfamily sites has been removed to the best of my knowledge.  I have continued to hear from many 'new' cousins who find their way to their heritage by finding matching names on our tree. I quit counting this year when the number passed 100 new contacts. Some of us got to meet some of these new found cousins
at the reunions in OH and MI this past summer. Its a great joy to me to see their happiness when they learn of their history and get to meet many new cousins.   Thank you to all of you who have kept in touch with me and continued to assist in gathering information for our family tree to share with all. 


Sxxxx Bxxxxxx-Txxxx - Jan 30, 2009   Edit | Delete | Viewers

Hello Barb,

Now that you've returned to the soft place to fall, I would kindly like to request that you please remove the many living names that I find on your tribal pages.  When all of this started over a year ago, you privately acknowledged to me that you understood that I never approved of the way you were doing your tree, and that I only went along with some of it because of one of the long time admins alleged approval and backing.  I didn't realize to what extend you were using others info until I found it on ancestry.com.  After all the ruckus you then openly thanked me for standing up for you
here on this site. I had always tried my best to be friendly and understanding even tho we had butted heads openly on the sites and privately as well.  You then promised to remove everything that had to do with myfamily.com also here on this site.

Many of us took that to mean all of the names and info from the family trees that you had used from myfamily.com that weren't specifically approved, so I am now requesting that you please remove the majority of the Tabler lines (I have 3) except for those you truly got from a descendant who does not mind their direct lines only.  I never approved the use of my whole extended tree.  There are still many living people on your tribal pages and family lines that have no interest in these sites or genealogy.  They did not give permission for their names to be put out on the public Internet.  Even tho you have since changed your references from me to others, or the census; I will be able to tell which info came from me, I had hundreds of names.  The census info would not have been able to have been looked up to use as reference if you didn't already have the names from other member's trees.

I would be glad to let you post my e-mail address as someone to contact as a Tabler researcher.  I have much new info on Tablers, Moss, Flowers, etc.  I think it best that people who are not aware, don't belong to these sites, or who are living be removed.  You privately told me that you may need some help at the end of your removal to double check that you didn't miss anyone.  I replied that I would be glad to help you with that, just let me know.  I have never heard anymore from you regarding that matter, only news and reunion type e-mails.  I have since been caring for my mother who is now suffering from Parkinson's Disease, so I haven't made any of this a priority.  I had once asked you for your phone number so we could iron things out quickly and easily, but you declined.  If you would provide a phone number as you obviously did here for xxxxxxx; It would surely be easier to help you with the names that are from my tree, and those who I know to be living that haven't given any permission.  Most members of the site provide a phone number so people can reach them.  Also shouldn't the password to see hidden info be provided to all the myfamily.com members so they can see the info you have regarding their families?  I hope we can come to a better understanding on this issue.  Other than this matter I have no complaints with you.  Please let me know if we can work on this and get it fixed once and for all.  You can contact me by e-mail and hopefully provide a phone number so we can work together more specifically.

Thank you very much,
Sxxxx Txxxx

Ms. Nelson's e-mail reply to me:

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i don't know whether you are more amusing or sad... you are obviously both