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If You Are Related To Ms. Nelson


If this person from the Myfamily.com/Tribalpages incident is related to you and she has helped you, yes, that is to her credit.  I've helped people with their own genealogy many  times, but I don't post their information on a public website.  Posting surnames with references to researchers who can help, or links where the information can be found is the way most people do it, or they work privately. You don't post names that you took from others and then claim to be related to them all, or claim that they are all related to each other. Some of these names married into each other over time, but not each and everyone of them, and especially not the names that this person is mainly related to.  If a family chooses to post their tree all over the Internet that should be their choice not someone else's.

When reading this account keep in mind that Ms. Nelson is not related to me or my direct people.  My family does not have the same beginning stories as the title names on her site.  Each family surname has their own beginning story.  Also, let me make it again make it clear that although the title names are related to Ms. Nelson who created her tribalpages site in question, they are not related to me or all of the other surnames she has collected. These are the main points to focus on. Also keep in mind that this person is not related to most of the people on the private Myfamily.com websites that she took the information from. 

The closest relationship Ms. Nelson could give me to my family surname,  Tabler, was that a Tabler male ancestor married a Stonaker.  Was Ms. Nelson related to the Stonaker?  I have no idea.  How was she related to this Tabler who married the Stonaker?  She wasn't related to him at all, and the Stonaker he married was a second wife, of which he had no children with, so how does this relate me and every Tabler to a Stonaker, or Ms. Nelson to the Tablers?  It doesn't.  Connections like this are only a mention on a family tree, if included at all, since there were no children.  Collecting everyone else's family trees and information and clumping them together mainly because they have a shared experience of a mixed race ancestry, or slavery is a whole other type of collecting altogether, rather weird in my opinion.

It is totally unethical to take others information and distribute it to her own liking giving those she took it from no say so in the matter!! Even if a person gave some type of permission not fully understanding, or not wanting to cause problems, doesn't mean that they don't have the right to change their mind.  I truly think that Ms. Nelson believes she is related to all of these names, showing no real understanding of genealogy and again showing instability of thought.  I am in no way blaming anyone from those legitimately related families for what happened.

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